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There are no small or big events

Only events you will never forget

Teci designs weddings or corporate events in castles, abbeys or other places of exception.
Teci escorts traditional martial arts fans to Japan, for a real return to the basics of Budo. During their stay, budokas can discover other martial arts, perfect their own activity with Japanese masters and especially get to know the Japanese culture. Teci can also give you assistance during events or international competitions.
-  World championships of KARATE 2008 - Tokyo Nippon Budokan
-  World championships of JUDO 2010 – Tokyo Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan
-  Kyoto KENDO Taikai - Kyoto - 2010

Teci assists and\or arranges with Japan in particular , journeys of official delegations, your journeys of press and your business trips, your projects of exchanges.

Teci can also be your partner for the planning of Japan-oriented events such as cultural events, business meetings, corporate events or trade fairs.

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